How it Works

SuperShare is a brand new opportunity for employees at Aristocrat to buy into the success we’re all striving to build together. No matter where you work, or how long you’ve worked here, as long as you’re part of the team (with just a few exceptions), you can join the plan.

SuperShare is an easy way to buy shares in Aristocrat directly from your post-tax salary. For every two shares you buy (up to the value of AU$5,000 or equivalent), we will give you one more for free in two years’ time. All you have to do to secure your free shares is to still be working at Aristocrat.

If you leave Aristocrat, you will keep all the shares you’ve bought, along with any free shares granted to you more than two years ago. Any free shares earmarked for you less than two years ago will be forfeited.

SuperShare has been created in direct response to employee feedback. It also reflects our values, particularly Collective Brilliance, as the scheme will help more of us to have a shared stake in Aristocrat’s success.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


Sign up


Pay up


Watch your shareholding grow

Your money and your shares will be held in your own personal account with BoardRoom. BoardRoom is a specialist external partner who is managing SuperShare for Aristocrat.
Once a quarter, the money in your account will be used to buy as many Aristocrat shares as possible. These shares will be added to your BoardRoom account.
Any remaining cash will stay in your account and will be used to buy shares the following quarter – it will always be less than the price of one share.
For every two shares you buy up to the value of $5,000 AUD per year or equivalent, we promise to give you one share for free in two years’ time, if you are still working at Aristocrat.
You don’t need to hold onto the shares you purchased in order to receive the free shares after two years, as long as you remain at Aristocrat. The shares you purchase are immediately yours to do what you want with – subject of course to our Aristocrat share trading policy.
Login to your BoardRoom account any time to see how many shares you have, the shares you have been promised.
You can choose to leave SuperShare at any time.
You will automatically be re-enrolled each plan year unless you notify us otherwise.

Please note: if you’re in Macau your contributions won’t come out of your salary.

What it Costs

SuperShare is flexible and you can:

Vary the amount of your contributions twice a year
Stop participating at any time

There are some limits to how much you can put into SuperShare. When you’re choosing how much you want to contribute, keep in mind that you will be eligible to receive matching shares for the first $5,000 AUD you invest each year, as long as you are still employed two years after the purchase.

What You Get

For every two shares you buy, you can get one share for nothing – absolutely free! – after two years.

So, what does that look like?

Or you can see the current value of your award by viewing your SuperShare account on Shareworks.

As a shareholder, you’ll also be entitled to receive any dividends that may be declared. A dividend is a payment made to shareholders, which is usually a proportion of the company’s profits made in the previous period. Payments are made on a ‘cents per share’ basis. We don’t always pay dividends, so it’s not a guarantee. When we do, yours will be paid into your SuperShare account on Shareworks. Login to enter your bank details and transfer the dividends to your own account.

You can check what dividends we’ve paid in the past on our investor relations site.

If you join SuperShare you’ll be investing your own money in Aristocrat shares and there is a risk that, if our share price goes down, your shares will be worth less than you paid for them. The shares we give you for free can help to reduce that risk, but it’s important that you seek your own professional financial advice and understand the risks before making any financial or investment decisions.

When You Get It

As an Aristocrat employee, we want to deliver you great benefits, but also want to encourage you to stay with us. So, to get the most out of the SuperShare plan, you need to still be employed by Aristocrat in two years.

Once you’ve been in the plan for two years, your promised free shares will become yours to keep.

You can sell the shares you buy with your money whenever you want, provided you are in compliance with the company’s share trading policy. This is explained in the Legal Information section below.

How to Join

There are two invitation windows each year, in March and September.

If eligible you will receive an invitation via email from Shareworks

If you are having any issues or concerns with enrolment contact

How to Join

Signing up for SuperShare is really simple.

Just follow the link here and enter your Aristocrat employee number and unique code, which you can find in your offer email from BoardRoom.

BoardRoom sent out an offer email on the March 18, so make sure you look out for it! If you haven’t yet received your offer email, you can contact BoardRoom by using the details on our help page

Already have a BoardRoom account?

Simply go to and enter your existing username and password

Tax Information

The information in this section is of a general nature only and should not be construed as specific advice or relied upon in lieu of appropriate professional advice. You should seek your own professional tax and/or financial advice before making any financial or investment decisions.

Legal Information

You can’t join SuperShare at all during a trading blackout period, or while you’re in possession of Inside Information. Inside Information is information not publicly available that may influence the share price or someone’s decision to trade shares or not. If you are ever concerned that you may have Inside Information contact the Company Secretary Office. If you do have Inside Information you will have to wait until the next invitation window and when you’re no longer in possession of Inside Information. None of our scheduled black out periods fall during the invitation window, but there may be an unscheduled black out period at any time.

If you’re a Designated Person as defined in our Share Trading Policy, there are some additional restrictions you need to be aware of:

Once you’re in SuperShare you can carry on making contributions all year round. If you want to make any changes to your contributions, including withdrawing from the plan, you can only do so during the annual invitation windows.
You will not be able to sell shares during a blackout period.
If ever you are in possession of Inside Information you cannot make any changes to your participation or buy/sell shares in Aristocrat, even during an invitation window.

Further reading

Share Trading Policy.
Information on when any blackout period is in effect can be found on the Business Function section on Ally.
Plan Rules (français, Español).
Plan Summary.

How to opt out/ stop deductions

Withdrawing can be done at anytime. In order to stop your deductions, you can log into your Shareworks account through the tile in Okta and follow the prompts online. Instructions can be found in the below linked document, at page 12. Any deductions that you have already made will continue to be used for the next purchase of shares..

Shareworks Employee Guide & Supershare Withdrawal Instructions